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URGENT – Flood Warning

A storm system has developed to the south of the Rainy River basin and is expected to bring heavy rainfall beginning tonight. With rainfall totals as high as 80 mm (3 inches), Rainy and Namakan Lake levels are predicted to rise above their rule curves. The Water Levels Committee is taking action to manage anticipated high inflows while considering impacts across the basin.

Dam operators are increasing outflow from both lakes in response to the current and forecasted precipitation. At Namakan Lake, logs were pulled from the Squirrel Falls dam on May 21 and more logs are scheduled to be pulled from the Kettle Falls dam on May 22. At Rainy Lake, daily outflow increases began on May 18, with two larger increases occurring on May 21. Flow at the Rainy Lake dam is passing through the powerhouse generators and opening of gates is scheduled to begin on Thursday, May 23.
The water level at Namakan Lake is 0.34 meters (1.11 feet) below its maximum summer rule curve level, and Rainy Lake is 0.22 meters (0.72 ft) below its maximum summer rule curve level as of May 21, 2024.

The water level targets for both Rainy and Namakan Lakes have been updated to the middle band (25-75% range) of their prescribed rule curve when conditions allow. The Water Levels Committee will continue to monitor conditions and provide additional updates as conditions develop.
For forecast and flood warning details please refer to the National Weather Service and Province of Ontario websites.

More info is available on the WLC's webpage at

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